WYSIWYG Editor for Docusaurus

The easiest way to edit Markdown and MDX files online, without writing code.

Inline collaborative editor for Docusaurus


  • editing text in rich-text editor
    Inline editing and real-time collaboration
    WYSIWYG Markdown editor empowers both technical and non-technical users. Work together in real-time, with no need to install any plugins or learn git commands. Use as Docusaurus editor or for any other Markdown project.
  • editing text in rich-text editor
    Image uploads
    Say goodbye to the hassle of manual uploads and managing file paths or URLs. Dhub lets you easily insert, manage, and reuse images across multiple pages.
  • editing text in rich-text editor
    GitHub integration and 2-way sync
    Publish your changes to GitHub with a single click of a button. Get changes made on GitHub seamlessly synced back to your Dhub project.
  • editing text in rich-text editor
    Intuitive table editing
    Simplify Markdown table editing with Dhub's WYSIWYG table component.
  • editing text in rich-text editor
    Coming soon
    Leave comments on specific content sections. Tag team members for feedback. Streamline your review process, making content refinement both interactive and efficient.

How it works

Dhub is a Docusaurus editor designed to sync with your project's source code in GitHub. Enables you and your team to edit Markdown in a WYSIWYG editor in real-time.

Step 1

Connect GitHub

Import project to Dhub in seconds. Source code stays in your control. No proprietary lock-in.

Supports public and private repositories.

Step 2

Edit Markdown

Write text, upload images, fine-tune tables - all in one place in a WYSIWYG Markdown editor.

Work with your team in real-time live editing sessions.

Step 3

Publish to GitHub

Create pull requests and publish changes from Dhub.

Takes only few clicks, no git knowledge required.


Payment frequency

For personal, non-commercial projects

  • Single user
  • Up to 3 projects
  • Import and publish projects to your personal GitHub account
$8per user/month

For organizations that want to collaborate on their projects

  • Team collaboration
  • Unlimited projects
  • Unlimited users
  • Import and publish projects to GitHub organizations

For large organizations that require enterprise features

  • Invoice billing
  • Dedicated support and expert assistance in developing top-tier documentation
Ready to get started?
Dhub comes with a free plan for personal, non-commercial projects